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Mediate or Litigate

Orange County mediation is a process that can help in so many areas of your life and the act of mediation is purposeful for assisting you to work through issues and conflict and establish ways to resolve those problem areas, allowing parties to move on through their life in a positive and proactive manner.  

Mediation is a perfect solution rather than litigation is many areas of conflict such as Divorce, Child Custody, Child Visitation, Adoption, Business, Civil, Property, Criminal, Copyright and so much more. 

The list above is by no means exhaustive  but gives you a good idea of the areas of conflicts we are capable of handling for Orange County mediation. Regardless of your dispute, mediation can help and so can CFL Mediation. Protect your own future and that of your family.

CFL Mediations, Orange County Mediation providors - will give you peace of mind, knowing you will be working with a proficient mediator whilst saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on lawyers. 

In ALL cases, we are pleased that we are in a position to offer you a more cost effective service than if you went directly to a mediator. 

Litigation is a costly and emotional experience for all concerned and the environment of a court room is enough to make anyone nervous and even frail. 

Our objective at CFL Mediations is to eradicate any stress you may have from the get go, providing you with peace of mind and not putting that huge dent in your financial pocket that litigation would otherwise do. Our mission is to continue to be the best in Orange County for mediation.

Our Mediators

The definition of a mediator usually reads something like this: "The mediator is a neutral third person who helps disputing parties reach an agreement."

Neutrality is essential. If either side believes the mediator is biased, they will not be effective in resolving your disputes. Impartiality is crucial.

All of the CFL Mediators are highly qualified whilst perfectly positioned to offer empathy and understanding. All of our mediators have hours of demonstrable success in all areas of conflict and resolution.

CFL mediators are selected for their phenomenal credentials, respect and references and all are highly regarded amongst their peers.

Our mediators are Lawyers, Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists and Behavioral Therapists.
It is important to us that we have a plethora of skills within our company so that we are in the best position to offer you a high end quality service.

We will marry you with the top mediators in Orange County who are able to demonstrate relevant experience and requirements necessary for your individual needs.

We look forward to you hearing from you and allowing us ~ to help you. We can help you and will provide you with a path to protect your future and that of your family.
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