The CFL Mediation Practice

Pros & Cons of Mediation

There will be a number of thoughts going through your mind when debating about mediation and deciding whether it is a viable option for you over and above litigating your divorce and child custody settlements. In a bid to assist with those thoughts that may keep you awake at night, here is a list of the pros and cons for mediating your divorce versus working through your divorce within the court room. We hope this enlightens you as to what you can expect but if you have any further questions, we encourage you to reach out to us and ask.

Mediated Divorce
Litigated Divorce
Your fate is in your hands ~ and not a Judge. You keep complete control of your settlement.
Mediation is done in a private and confidential setting and allows freedom of speech
The cost savings are enormous in comparison to litigated divorce.  We can save you as much as 90%
Mediation is done in a timely fashion and can often be completed with 6-8 weeks
A divorce done through mediation is more often less stressful and less acrimonious
You can take your time to ensure you create the right settlement for you
Court is always an option if you feel mediation is not working for you and your spouse
Discussions can be done without the fear of retribution and encourages the truth
Physically, emotionally and mentally a healthier option for you and your family
The Judge will make decisions which you will NOT be happy with.
Your case is heard in an open court and your business can be heard by anyone and everyone
Expensive — each of you are paying for attorney's and pay for every minute of their time, in and out of court
Time consuming as quite often attorney's ask for continuances and file uneccessary motions against you
Emotional and very stressful. The association of a court room is often daunting and promotes acrimony 
Judges often encourage you to negotiate a settlement in the cafeteria in the court house - very rushed
A judgement is never "final" but is costly when deciding to appeal on decisions and re file motions
There is no confidentiality. Some parties will not tell the truth in order to get the result they hope for
The stress alone is not a healthy aspect to add to your life and affects you and undoubtedly, your children