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Child Custody Mediation ~ Divorce Mediation Orange County

Too many conflicting and arguing couples use their children as pawns in a divorce ~ some knowingly and others not quite so. Have you considered divorce mediation? Orange County based firm CFL Mediations knows it is imperative that you protect your children throughout the entire divorce process and most of all, remembering not to fight and bicker in front of them. Children are more perceptive than many think and know all too well when the dynamic changes within the home.

At the CFL Mediation Practice, one of our priorities IS your children and how they feel throughout your divorce and depending on their age, we will often work with them to get their opinion. By embarking on divorce mediation in orange county, we will work with you as the parents to resolve all your custody and visitation issues and we will make sure that everyone is happy and that you are both in a position to parent your children, appropriately. This also pertains to couples who have children and separated but were never married. Child support and the elements of custody and visitation are the same, whether you were married or not.

Child Custody & Parenting Plan Mediation:

  • This is private and confidential and is kept out of the court room
  • Depending on the age of your children and if you are determined to fight in a court room, your child could be asked to go in the witness box and be cross examined - very traumatic!
  • WE will keep you focused on what is right for your children
  • You will decided on your fate as far as physical custody, and legal custody is concerned. 
  • You know your children far better than any attorney or any judge - you decide their future - not them!
  • This will enhance your communication with one another and with your children. 
  • This will save you thousands of dollars by keeping it out of the court room.
  • This is much less stressful and emotional

It is important to know that although you are no longer together, you are going to be well positioned to co parent in a proactive and harmonious environment and that your children and not confused or placed in a position where they feel as though they are being pulled in one direction by one parent - and in the other direction by the 2nd parent. Put your children first and what is right for them, rather that what you want.

Please note that a Court Order is written and filed in the relevant court and will identify legal and physical custody, agreed by both parents. The order typically outlines things such as decisions that would need to made about your children ~ for example, medical decisions and schooling, visitation schedules, holiday's etc 

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