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Mediation v Litigation - Expense of a Divorce Lawyer Orange County

Mediation vs Litigation ~ Expense of a Divorce Lawyer, Orange County

Question: Would you rather spend your available funds on future vacations or enhancing your child's college fund ~ or on your divorce lawyer orange county and custody battle? How do you really feel about spending the equity in your home on your divorce? Consider divorce mediation or custody mediation as a lower-cost, lower-stress alternative:

The costs are exorbitant and unnecessary with a litigated divorce lawyer. Orange County divorce lawyers are especially known to have high rates. You can get a more positive result to your divorce if you choose the less costly, less stressful avenue of mediation.

In September 2002, then-presiding family law judge, Aviva Bobb in Los Angeles, from a bar association meeting was quoted as saying, "By the time we see [divorce] cases in court, most people have spent all their community assets on the divorce itself."

In addition to the above quote, according to Presiding Family Law Judge Marjorie Steinberg in the Los Angeles Times Magazine, May 4, 2008, if a couple can get a divorce for $100,000 in Los Angeles, Judge Steinberg considers that "pretty cheap."