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About Us

The CFL Mediation Practice provides assistance to those wishing to divorce in Orange County. We are a privately owned company and is part of the Changes for Life Corporation. We are based out of Newport Beach, California with a team of attorney's, psychologists and behavioral experts that assist with all varieties of issues that arise in pending divorce and child custody issues.

Many of our team are experts in dealing with issues such as domestic violence, parent alienation for example, and all aspects of divorce in Orange County, CA  and as a company, we place great emphasis on promoting a cohesive and calm environment to allow co-parenting to take place and are recognized as the top companies providing mediation for divorce in Orange County.
We also believe that costs are critical in times of divorce and knowing what you'll be paying from the outset is an important factor in choosing who represents you


Deborah J Standley - Mediator Deborah is the President of The CFL Mediation Practice, part of Changes For Life LLC and she is also the CEO and Founder of Changes For Life LLC.  As a Mediator, she has worked with many clients and also worked as a corporate facilitator and mediator in the private and corporate sector and for companies such as IBM and HP.

Deborah believed that in starting her own practice, she could be more effective in helping people deal with the natural stress and anxiety of divorce in Orange County, CA. Her empathy and desire to promote peace and harmony amongst others is paramount and wishes to help all those avoid the unnecessary heartache that comes with litigating a case. Deborah has worked with clients in securing a harmonious environment for husbands and wives to transition from marriage to divorce without the promotion of acrimony and combat.
Deborah believes the importance of co mediation where possible and working alongside LMFT's in order to promote positive and proactive co parenting.
Deborah is not an attorney and does not provide legal advice. As mediators, we are here to guide you to a decision that is right for you and your spouse. If you believe that litigation is something you need to look in to further or require legal advice on your marriage settlement agreement, we can recommend a number of highly regarded attorney's within the Orange County area, who would be more than happy to assist you.

Deborah is active in a number of professional organizations and is a contributor for various newspapers, magazines and Orange County networking groups. She treats every client with respect and integrity.

Deborah is a Mom to a 5 year old son who keeps her very busy and in her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and writing. Deborah is a published author of a book titled, Eat Yourself Slim and has further books in the making.

Kathleen Peterson - Attorney at Law Kathleen has over 25 years litigation experience and is someone that we would highly recommend if you require legal advice - be it if you are considering litigation or if you require assistance with any agreements reached during the mediation process. 
She assist many people who need to navigate through some of lifes challenges. The end of a marriage, the failure of a business arrangement or the challenge of resolving a difficult relationship with a key employee. She has a unique understanding of how human dynamics effect the resolution of disputes. Kathleen employees both her legal and interpersonal skills to provide incisive legal solutions for her clients.

Kathleen earned her Bachelors degree at Stanford University and her JD at UCLA.
Vicki Gunvalson ~ is our exclusive partner and advisor for insurance and financial planning. Victoria Gunvalson is President and founder of Coto Insurance & Financial Services, Inc and Coto Retirement Planning and takes pride in being a part of her client’s retirement financial roadmap – at all levels of their lifespan and business cycle.
The CFL Mediation Practice believe in working with the most proficient business professionals in order to offer our clients the best service, posible. As part of the all encompassing offerings that the CFL Mediation Practice offer our clients, financial planning and insurance advice is paramount when dealing with the aftermath of divorce in Orange County and how clients need to plan for their future.

Victoria lives in Coto de Caza, CA. Victoria has 2 children, Michael, 25, who attended University of Colorado Boulder and is a licensed life insurance agent also working for Coto Insurance.  Her daughter, Briana, 24, attended Azusa Pacific University in the accelerated nursing program and graduated with her Bachelor of Science of Nursing in 2009.  She currently works at Hoag Hospital in the ER department.  In her spare time, Vicki enjoys going to Parker, AZ with her husband and children and visiting her family in Chicago, IL where she resided for over 32 years. 


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