The CFL Mediation Practice
Post Divorce

Even after your divorce, there are likely to be times that you require your judgments to be altered. CFL Mediations can modify your orders to reflect changes in child support, custody, spousal support, or other relevant details that pertain to your judgments and you do not need to see an orange county divorce attorney. This can be critical when things don't quite go according to plan or when one party is potentially in contempt of court.

Similarly to divorce mediation, the savings are vast in comparison to going back to court and the expense of an orange county divorce attorney. You can even mediate your post divorce settlements even if you didn't mediate your actual divorce.

Child Custody & Support Modification

Child support and custody/visitation can be altered when your individual circumstances change. From a financial perspective, please bear in mind that the change can be both positive and negative. If your income has increased or decreased, this needs to be taken in to consideration. As our children grow up, their needs change also and with that, there may be times that the custody and visitation judgments need altering. Your children will become more aware that they have an opinion and it is important to take this in to consideration.

Mediation is a wonderful avenue for you to be able to come to new agreements regarding any co-parenting and support issues ~ all whilst taking all of your childs needs in to consideration.

You can use this link here to view the guidelines for Child Support
Child Support Guidelines Calculator

Spousal Support Modifications 

In many divorces, there will be spousal support awarded to one of the parties and there are many factors that are taken in to consideration when calculating spousal support. Just like child support, there may well be changes that could impact the amount of spousal support that is paid and received. Your former spouse may have a change in income or perhaps has become unable to work. This of course has an affect on spousal support. We can help you agree a new spousal support order.

CFL Mediations will offer a discount to former clients