The CFL Mediation Practice
Fees and Payment Plans

Cost will most certainly be one of the factors you are considering when selecting a mediator together with their credentials and experience.

At The CFL Mediation Practice, we are pleased to be able to offer you both. We are confident that we will be the most affordable mediation service available to you whilst offering you a superior service. 

If you qualify under California Law, to be able to file for a Joint Petition, we have a one time fee of $1495 plus court filing fee.

We have a variety of payment arrangements that put you in control of how long your mediation process will take. If you are confident that you can work through things quickly and efficiently, we have payment schedules that accommodate that. If however cost is an issue and you also know that things may take a little longer than you may like, you can choose a payment option that significantly reduces the hourly rate you would pay.
The choice truly is yours.

Remember that mediation versus litigation will save you time, money and stress ~ even the most acrimonious of cases!