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Are Your From A Divorce Home. Do You Wish Your Parents Divorced?

A recent study released by the University of Notre Dame and the University of Rochester has indicated that parents experienceing marital issues and problems and perhaps airing them in front of their children, can have a long term negative impact on their children. As someone from a "broken home" I would somewhat agree with the study. Living in a home with parents who are constantly at each other's throats, is not conducive to providing a happy and stable environment for the more

What Are Your Priorities - Co Parenting or Bearing Grudges

So you've been wronged in a relationship and you are now picking up the pieces and making great strides to create a positive and uplifting future for yourself and your children. OUCH!......What is that huge thorn in your side that keeps prodding you every now and then?! Oh, wait - it's your ex spouse flexing their muscles and continuing to act on the grudges they bear towards you, consumed with hatred and poison.Are you wondering how long this behavior is going to last? Perhaps you're asking yourself what compelling event will allow your ex to move on and stop their acrimonious and selfish behavior towards you and your children? more

10 Ways To Make Your Divorce easier

Divorce is a very stressful event in your life and only you have the power to decide its impact on your future. Change Your Point of View. The divorce does not have power over your thoughts, perceptions, and choices; you do. Instead of staying sad or angry, look at this phase as a new beginning.Look At the Good Things About Your Decision. Since the divorce proceedings have already begun, regardless of who initiated it, remind yourself of the reasons that this is a good choice. Open up lines of communication with your ex-spouse. Put your negative feelings aside, ESPECIALLY when children are involved. Regardless of how you feel about the other person, amicable divorces are less stressful and promote better more

Staying Together For The Sake Of Your Children?

The decision to stay in or leave an unhappy marriage is one of the most difficult choices that you will ever have to make; especially when children are involved. Many make this decision based on what they believe is in the best interest of the children. They believe that an intact family, regardless of severe marital conflict is better than a broken one. Studies reveal that children who are raised in a two person, loving, and stable environment show less signs of depression, anxiety, and defiant behavior and these children also have better academics and develop the capacity for truly intimate relationships; children raised in a stressful and conflicted marriage are more stressed, have more defiant behavior, and have more disciplinary problems than children raised in a stable divorced or stable single parent more