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Why Mediate ~ Mediation in Orange County

Looking for a low cost divorce in Orange County?
Fixed fee divorce packages that suit your needs ~ Minimum $1495 Maximum $4995.
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Mediation is confidential and limits the need for litigation. If you're looking for mediation in Orange County, CFL Mediation promotes honesty, truthfulness and transparency without ramifications of being emotional in open court. Benefit from a more calm environment that divorce mediation offers you.

Need a Divorce Attorney?
CFL Mediations have divorce attorney's in Orange County, who if you feel that divorce mediation is not for you, we can talk to you about litigation and the options available to you. You can decided on which Orange County divorce attorney.

Keep Control

Mediation gives you complete control of your settlement. No-one defines your fate - No Attorney and No Judge. You decide what you works best for you both. Litigation often takes months and often, years!
Co Mediation

Mediation allows access to attorneys and psychologists. We are the only company who provide mediation in orange county, in this format. We make sure you keep on track, enabling you to obtain a settlement quickly and keep costs down. Our MFT's can assist with the emotions and stress of divorce.

Timely Manner
Mediating your divorce can be done far quicker than if you went to court. You can control the length of time and it may depend on the amount of issues that need to be addressed. It limits the need for discoveries, forensic accounting and continuances that divorce attorney's normally request.
Mediation provides complete impartiality from a neutral party who helps you get to a divorce settlement that benefits you both. We do not take sides. We promote, honesty and transparency in a calm and peaceful environment.
Safety & Peace
CFL Mediations provide a safe , calm and peaceful environment to discuss issues, even when domestic violence has been prevalent. Take time in a separate room with our therapists if need be.

Domestic Violence?
Our divorce mediators are great at dealing with couples where domestic violence has existed in your relationship. We teach you how to deal with your emotions and to reign in your anger.

Cost Effective Mediation
Divorce can be very expensive. There is no question about that. Mediation in Orange County is provided by CFL Mediations and is less expensive than either collaborative law or litigation with a divorce attorney.  Save up to as much as 90% of a traditional cost of a divorce. We have fixed fee packages so you know what you're paying for.
For The Family
Mediating divorce and child custody issues have long term benefits for you and your children. It allows you to co parent more effectively and helps limit animosity. Learn to put your children first and eradicate the ill feeling towards your ex.
In Your Own Time
Mediating a divorce and child custody can be run at your own schedule. You don't have to take time out to go to court or take days off work. You can also meet at evening at weekends if that's more convenient.

If there is alot of acrimony between you and your spouse - we can help. Together with our MFT's, we can calm any hostile situation so you can talk to one another and find a way of moving forward, positively.